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Warranty: 12 months
45 $
  • opis
  • Now you can sleep in a warm bed and breathe in the fresh air through all the night!
  • Forget about humidity in your bed!
  • Relieves tension, muscle aches and stress, relaxes the body!
  • Your sofa will emit a pleasant comfortable warmth, even when you are sitting on it!
  • Very low electricity consumption!
  • It allows you to sleep even in a room where temperature is very low!
  • Safe due to reliable technology
  • Covered with cotton fabric
  • You can be in your country house for couple months longer than usually!
  • A great gift for the whole family!
  • You do not need those thick blankets and uncomfortable hot-water bottles!
  • It is very useful helper in beauty salons and physiotherapy cabinets!
  • It is easily transported in a practical beautiful multi-use bag with handles!

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