Wall-Hung heater (Heating Picture) FUTURISM (TRANSPARENT)

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Shipping time: 7-12 days
Shipping cost from $10.00
Warranty: 12 months
60 $ Article number: GS-10
This panel provides heat and warming comfort in the room. This effect is achieved because of the far infrared waves based on carbon fiber heating element. Carbon fiber has a high heating conductivity, which allows you to reduce electrical power consumption, and thus save on heating. During the work, the heater does not heat the air itself, but heats the surrounding objects and the human body (improves blood circulation in the body).
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  • consumes only 430 W, which is 3-4 times less electricity than regular heaters;
  • useful for health – provides warming comfort without drying the air and does not cause the dust to rise up in the room;
  • aesthetic – there is a large selection of images and also there is a possibility of individual image, for example, family photos or your company advertisement;
  • ergonomic – in the period when the heater is not used, it can be easily rolled up (it takes up a minimum of space and is easy to transport weighs approx. 800 grams).

This device will be very useful as a source of additional heating  in case of unsatisfactory efficiency of central heating, or very humid weather and also at low outside temperature.

The heater can be placed on the wall covered with wallpaper, it can also be attached to the wooden walls or plasterboard.

The heater can be used in:

  • Apartment
  • Office
  • House
  • Shop etc.

It gives gentle heat without drying the air and burning the oxygen (the surface temperature does not exceed 70 °C)

It does not harm people, does not burn the skin

It is safe: protection class II

It can be used in humid and wet areas

It is aesthetic: your guests won’t even realize that your nice picture on the wall is a heater

It is being delivered to you in a safe and multi-use package

Purposed for a small rooms of 10-12 m² (in such a room it will raise the temperature to 6-8 degrees in a few hours). For bigger rooms more than 1 heater may be needed


NOTE: To be very careful, don’t leave it working when leave your home.


Video about how this heater works:

  • Product Dimensions – 100×57 cm
  • Power: 430 W
  • Voltage: 230 V (±10% allowed).
  • Item Weight: 800 grams
  • The surface temperature does not exceed 70 °C
  • Outer cord Length: 1.5 meters
  • Recommended heated surface: 10-12 m²
  • Mounting type: Hung on the wall, no additional mounting is needed

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